Online Wallet


Here is an overview of the online wallet and payment services. These can be used to shop online, pay for services, perform currency conversion, or transfer funds.
More information on money transfers and currency conversion are available on our Money Transfers and Foreign Exchange pages.

Service Wd fee Min. W Amt
PayPal $0 for amt >$150; $1 for < $150 $15 (€ 10)
AlertPay cheque US$3, EFT US$0.50  
MoneyBookers 1.8  
e-gold n/a  
Amazon (TextPayMe)    
XE Trade    

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Service description:

iKobo = pre-paid debit card.

Amazon / TextPayMe = limited to US only.

e-gold = system supports transactions in (e-)gold. External services perform conversion of your e-gold into other currency.