Australia - Superannuation


Superannuation is Australian retirement savings/investment scheme. The mandatory deposits to a superannuation fund amount to 9% of individual's gross salary.

Members of the military get different arrangements.

A good source of information regarding superannuation is Super Guide web site.

Industry Super Funds

Industry super funds generally have lower maintenance fees and lower or no contribution fees. They are "not-for-profit" super funds. Usually they are multiemployer funds run by employer associations and unions.

Some of these type of funds are VicSuper, Australian Super, etc.

VicSuper: siteinvestment optionsmembers online

Retail Super Funds

Vanguard Australia used to offer personal super funds, with minimum amount of A$20,000.

Vanguard Personal Super has been transferred completely to Plum Financial Services (link) in 2011. Online access - (link).