Australian Finance


Variety of financial instruments and markets are available in Australia. Australia ranks among the developed countries. Read the CIA's World Factbook page on Australia's economy (link).

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Economic Indicators

Main economic indicators for Australia are available summarized at Australian Financial Review (link). WestPac-Melbourne Institute publishes reports on macroeconomic indicators (link).

Transaction Accounts

Transaction accounts in Australia usually charge a monthly fee but the transactions within Australia are not charged for.

The one transactional account that is currently fee-free is offered by HSBC Bank Australia.

Migrant Banking

A few banks in Australia offer migrant banking to new migrants. Migrant banking means one can open an account in Australia from overseas and transfer funds to that account. At a later day, after arrival to Australia and upon identification, the funds are available for use. Banks that offer this service are:

For Interest and dividend tax deductions see the page on Australian Taxes.

For anti-money laundering issues, visit Austrac e-learning web site (link).

Peer-to-peer lending is available in Australia. For more information, read the related blog post.


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