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It is amazing to see how many people seem to have problems with money. This was my primary motivation of posting these pages to the web. I will hardly write something that has not been written elsewhere but will collect a few useful pieces of advice and handy links here. It certainly will not harm to have them available at hand.


The content is divided into general and country-specific areas. General content is reachable from the front page and country-specific content is available from the Countries menu. These cover areas I had an opportunity to experience myself.

You can read some theory first or use it as a reference later. Visit Tools section if you need charts and calculators, or want to check the latest news from renowned sources or see the headlines at the best knows financial magazines.

Foreign Exchange and money transfer pages deal with currency related issues.

A page on investment explains general financial investment options.

General financial tips and advice can be found on the Finance Tips page (link).

Technical Analysis: Trading Indicators description describes some common trading indicators used in charting.

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